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Here on this page you'll find some details on the latest additions to the store.




Dreadball items have now been added to the store!

Dreadball; the sports game of the future, where teams from all over the galaxy take to the pitch to control a 200mph Titanium ball and out-manoeuvre their opponents by wit, reflex, tactics and, of course, by careful application of fists and feet in this fast-paced 28mm board game set in Mantic's Warpath universe!








Set in the bizarre, often nightmarish, dying world of Relicia, nations and races clash to claim superiority, restore their fallen empires, solidify their presence in the world, or right the cataclysmic wrongs they have inflicted on all living things.

Relics is a 28mm scale skirmish wargame with a Stitch-punk vibe featuring such finely sculpted and imaginative factions as the withered Vaettir, the brutal Orcnar, the vicious Nuem and the iconic puppet armies of the Britanan.




Dropzone Commander!



So, it has taken a while but finally (some of) the webstore has been updated, most notably with the addition of (a limited amount of) Dropzone Commander goods!

Not since the heyday of Games Workshop's Epic 40k have we seen a wargame of such scope, with powerful war machines blasting their way through city streets under the shadow of dropships filling the skies.

Still in its infancy, this game has taken the wargaming world by storm thanks to its tactical gameplay and stunning sculpts!